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Essential Agile

When you observe the history of “Agile”, hear of the experiences from others documented in countless blog posts, study all the literature and wisdom about it, practise it on your own in different teams, setups and environments, perform a root cause analysis on impediments and problems you’ve encountered when applying agile methods, do an inverse impact mapping and when you discuss it with people who have gone through it all too –┬áthen it comes down that two principal things define its success or failure:

  1. Fast feedback on activities

  2. Ability to react on change

That’s all what you should really care about.
And I mean care really, really hard about.
In fact so hard that you never should compromise any of these two.

Everything else is less important, interchangeable, subject to personal or corporate taste – or simply waste.

Continuous Delivery – We Always Did It

Introducing Continuos Delivery (CD) to software teams often leaves them either sceptic or at least with many question marks in their heads.
It may be surprising for some that we all knew and used it already for a long time. Somehow.

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